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Join our fabulous volunteer usher corps, help hang posters and deliver brochures or become one of the small army of professionals who contribute their special skills to the Cache Valley Center for the Arts. Services that have been contributed to the Center include graphic design, furniture repair, IT support, marketing, legal and accounting services and interior design.

Interested in becoming a Cache Arts volunteer usher?
Let us know about you!

Thanks for reaching out!

Usher trainings typically happen annually in the summer.

We will contact you once a training is scheduled.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are ushers required to do?

  • Stand for extended periods of time

  • Negotiate and climb stairs 

  • Provide friendly assistance for patrons before, during, and after the performance

  • Accurately read small print on tickets

  • Be 16 years of age or older

  • Adhere to the dress-code

  • Be on-time and reliable

  • Assist in event preparation (stuffing programs, light dusting, table set-up, etc.)

  • Be a team player who is able to work well with others and the ability to work and communicate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds

  • Remain calm in the event of an emergency

What are ushers responsible for?

  • Having a full understanding of the operating policies and house rules

  • Being attentive to and working under the House Manager

  • Monitoring and maximizing safety at all times

  • Knowing entire seating layout to escort patrons to appropriate section and seat

  • Having the ability to meet the public with courtesy and enthusiasm

  • Following written procedures as specified in all material distributed

  • Seating patrons in an efficient and non-disruptive manner

  • Assisting with late seating requirements

  • Monitoring their designated area during all performances

  • Having a total understanding of emergency procedures

  • Being easily accessible during the performance whenever needed


Where do I get to usher?

  • We provide the ushering staff for all events at the Ellen Eccles Theatre?


How often will I be asked to volunteer?

  • Ushers are asked to volunteer for at least one event every two-three months. Depending on how many events are scheduled each month, you may be asked to work a little more or a little less. Ushers are typically able to sign up for events that fit their schedule.


How long is each ushering shift?

  • An average usher shift is 3 to 5 hours.


How do I sign up for events?

  • You choose the events or venues you are interested in and then sign up for those shifts in our online scheduling program.


Do volunteer ushers get a seat at performances?

  • You are not guaranteed a seat when ushering, as each performance can sell out. You should be prepared to stand for the duration of your shift.


Is there a dress code?

  • Yes, we ask all ushers to wear a black top with black pants or skirt, or a black dress and black closed-toe shoes.​

We are grateful to those who wish to volunteer their service to the Cache Valley Center for the Arts, and we believe the benefits are rewarding. 

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