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Odyssey Dance Theatre




Sept 27-28

About the Show

After a year pause - Thriller is back!

The show will feature many of the favorite pieces from the past - Thriller, The Curse of the Mummy, Dem Bones, Frankenstein, Jason Jam, Children of the Corn, Salem’s Mass and The Lost Boys - plus a few new surprises. Thriller has it all - frights, amazement, scares and lots of laughs!

Get your tickets early! All shows will sell out.


Odyssey Dance Theatre

Founded in 1994 and directed by Derryl Yeager, former Ballet West Principal, Broadway, Television, and Film veteran, Odyssey Dance Theatre explodes with world-class bravado, passionate charm, and choreographic invention, combining the classical virtues of ballet with the attack of jazz; the freedom of modern dance; the raw energy of hip-hop; the syncopated rhythms of tap; the fluid partnering of ballroom; and the spirit of Broadway and Vaudeville to create a fresh dance vocabulary and entertainment genre that engages audiences across the country and around the world.

Odyssey Dance Theatre
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