Almost Finished! Restroom Expansion

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A completely new Women’s restroom is days away from being finished at the Ellen Eccles Theatre. Female patrons at the theatre will have access to 15 new stalls in the expansion.  Great care has been taken in every aspect of this project to ensure that the quality of the expansion matches that of the theatre.  The expansion has a spacious layout that will allow for comfortable use, even at capacity.  The beautiful new addition has been provided as a gift to the patrons by generous donations and the diligent work of the Cache Valley Center for the Arts .  …

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Inspiring video about the Cache Valley Center for the Arts

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  The video short captures many of the positives the Cache Valley Center for the Arts accomplishes for Cache Valley.  The heartwarming  influence of the Ellen Eccles Theatre on the community is showcased.  The broadening and educational outreach of the arts education program is referenced.  Also highlighted, is the cross generational appreciation for the arts that is inspired by the programs and historical nature of the campus.  If you have ever performed, visited or participated at the Ellen Eccles Theater or the Cache Valley Center for the Arts take the time to view this video.

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