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Did you know the Ellen Eccles Theatre has several active ghosts in all three of our Logan, Utah facilities? 

The Ellen Eccles Theater Ghost


Our most active ghost's story started when the theatre opened in 1923. At this time, Logan brought in all kinds of traveling Vaudeville shows. One touring show featured a young actress as the star. The night of their premiere in the Ellen Eccles Theatre, she became nervous and slipped into a side room to rehearse her lines. She found herself in the boiler room and was locked in. She wasn't discovered until sometime later and now haunts the patrons who come to see shows on the stage she would have performed that night.

Stories of her haunts range from patrons feeling a tug on their coats or sleeve to tour groups seeing a young girl run out of the group only to chase her and see her disappear. Some performers have told us she will sing with them during rehearsals. If you are on the mezzanine late at night, you may also hear her playing with jacks and laughing.

George W. Thatcher and Eunice "Luna"


The matriarch and patriarch of the Thatcher family can be seen the Thatcher-Young Mansion or the Mezzanine of the theatre. They waltz through the spaces, reminiscing about the music-filled days of their youth.


Luna can also be heard playing her grand piano some nights mimicking the days of music drifting out of the mansion.

Luna Young Thatcher.jpg
George W Thatcher.jpg
Orchestra Pit View

Disgruntled Musician

An upset spirit haunts the orchestra pit and backstage hallways. No one has been able to identify who this looming person is. Maybe someone who was unable to perform on the stage of the Eccles and is jealous of those who do.

Many performers have reported the feeling of being watched, chills up their spines or music pages turning by themselves.

Photo from the 1993 renovation

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