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5 things USU students should do at least once while in Logan

You've packed up, made a road trip, and you're now in scenic Cache Valley.

What now?

Most Aggie grads have fond memories of Logan and Cache Valley. What's the secret? We've compiled 5 things USU students should do while in Logan to avoid any FOMO after graduation.

1. Hike to the wind cave

A quintessential hike of Logan Canyon, the Wind Cave trailhead is only a 7-minute drive away from campus. Along with some fresh air, this hike offers amazing views, with a unique geologic feature at the top. This hike is especially beautiful during the fall, when the trees turn all sorts of autumnal colors. The hike is approximately 2 miles each way and is rated as moderate.

2. Catch an Aggie game

Now that you're at the "spot where the sagebrush grows," don't miss out on Aggie football, basketball, soccer, softball, and many more sporting events! From screaming the "I Believe" chant to singing "The Scotsman," USU Athletics games are unforgettable.

3. Grab some local sweets

If there's one thing Cache Valley has no shortage of, it's locally made confections. From Aggie Ice Cream to Bluebird Candy to soda and cookie shops, you'll find something to satisfy a sweet tooth in Logan. Here are just a few options:

4. Go to a show or concert

With 4 operating historic theatres in downtown Logan alone, there is almost always a show to see, whether it be a university, community, or professional production or band. Many local theatre companies offer discounts to students, including 25% off nationally touring shows at the Ellen Eccles Theatre.

5. Clean the sink at Angie's

Can you clean the sink at Angie's?

1 sink full of ice cream. 4 bananas. 3 toppings.

A rite of passage.

Stop by Angie's any given weekend during the school year and you'll probably see a table of fellow students attempting to "clean the sink" at Angie's: a delicious and daunting task. Upon finishing this huge sundae, you'll be able to brag to everyone on the road with your own bumper sticker. Don't graduate before completing the task at least once!

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Liliana Moore
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Billie Jolie
Billie Jolie
5 days ago

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Most Aggie grads have fond memories of Logan and Cache Valley. snow rider 3d

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