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Logan Bucket List - A Local's Guide to Logan

Snuggled in between Northern Utah’s mountains lies the city of Logan. If you only spend a day in Logan, this is a list of the best things to do in and around the town. This bucket list contains diverse local favorites from food to activities that showcase the adventurous fun Logan has to offer any day.

We start our day by packing our hiking gear and venturing into Logan canyon. There are many hikes of differing difficulty spread throughout the canyon, but a local ‘classic’ is hiking to the Wind Caves. This is a medium level hike that leads to natural caves and arches formed in the limestone. It provides a great view across the canyon of another popular hike, Crimson Trail, that follows along “The Great Wall of Logan.” The canyon is also a great place for picnics, hammocking, camping, kayaking, and fishing. First, Second, and Third Dam along Logan River are great places to enjoy these activities. No matter what you do in Logan Canyon, you’re sure to love the beauty of the mountains and wildlife. Be sure to take a drive up to see the Autumn colors!

Next we travel south of Logan to the American West Heritage Center. Step back in time as you enter the days of the early West and experience animal encounters, blacksmiths at work, and Buffalo roaming the plains. They offer pony and train rides daily with a spectacular view of the Wellsville mountains. A popular event every year is Baby Animal Days where you get to see baby chicks, turtles, bears, rabbits, etc. It’s a fun and interactive way to learn about the history of Logan and see the cutest animals while you’re at it.

On our way back into town, we will take a drive out to Gossners. You’ve just seen the cows; now experience the delicious addition their milk is to the Valley at Gossners Foods. Stop in for squeaky cheese, cheese curds, and any other cheese you can think of. Then pick up some ice cream and your assortment of flavored milks from root beer to Orange Cream to Cookies and Cream. Your taste buds will thank you for making this stop, and you’ll truly feel like a real Logan-ite as you sip your Gossners’ milk.

To start the afternoon, we will head up to the heart and soul of Logan, Utah State University. You only have to visit a few restaurants around town to realize that the people of Logan love their USU Aggies. Campus provides a lot of fun activities such as exhibits put on by the different colleges and unique original architecture. On campus is the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art. Be sure to stop by and see their collection of over 5,000 artworks at no cost to you. They also offer classes, tours, and public events so be sure to check their website to see what current exhibits and events are going on. Then take a stroll across the street to taste USU’s famous Aggie ice cream and their specialty Aggie Blue Mint flavor. USU started as an Agriculture school, hence why we love our cows and ice cream! Also, currently on campus is an outdoor willow sculpture installed by Patrick Doughtry. It’s an amazing work of art formed out of willow branches. It’s a must see because it will gradually disappear over the years from natural causes, and you can literally walk through and play in this work of art.

USU may be famous for their agricultural college, but Logan isn’t all cows and horses. It’s time for a nice casual stroll through Logan’s own Zoo. Located at Willow Park, this quaint zoo is full of fun, personality, and, of course, animals. Check out Logan’s wild side by visiting over 180 species of animals. Be sure to check out their special occasions and holiday events throughout the year, but any day is a fun day at the Zoo.

Located on the outside of Angie’s Restaurant a sign reads “Where the locals eat,” so of course this is on our Bucket List. Stop in and fill up on your diner food favorites, but the real bucket list item is to “Clean the Sink.” Be sure to bring a group of friends for this challenge because it’s not everything but the kitchen’s everything AND the kitchen sink. It’s an ice cream lovers dream as you attempt to eat a mountain of ice cream served to you in an actual portable kitchen sink. You’ll really feel like you belong in Logan after you get your picture on the wall and earn your Angie’s bumper sticker.

To work off that ice cream baby from ‘cleaning the sink,’ it’s time for some fun at Cache Valley Fun Park. The Fun Park is the hotspot for the classics: bowling, laser tag, skating, and arcade games. They take the classics, however, and give them a little twist! They have an outdoor laser tag arena that’s serious fun as you hide behind cars, buildings, and dirt mounds to bring your team glory. Once a week they host Sk80’s night which is a popular 80’s themed skate night. They are also the home to the Valley’s country swing dancing scene. Beginners to experts are welcome to attend and swing the night away!

We end this fun filled day of local adventures with a night out at the theatre. Located at the heart of historic downtown is Cache Valley Center for the Arts, or CacheArts. There we will enter the Ellen Eccles Theatre ready to enjoy a touring Broadway musical, performing artist, local production, or any of the many entertaining performances that arrive at this stage. The Cache Valley Center for the Arts also maintains and runs the Thatcher Young Mansion, a historic home that serves as an art gallery and office space, and the Bullen Center, a center that cultivates the arts of all kinds in kids of all ages. Located within is also the artists’ gallery which is host to works of extraordinary local art. With this plethora of activities and shows, there’s always something going on that’s sure to entertain at Cache Arts. On your way, be sure to stop along the other Main Street favorites such as sweet and savory crepes at the Crepery and dinner and desserts at the iconic and historic Bluebird Restaurant.


You did it! You’re a true Logan-ite! Logan-eer! Whatever you want to call it, but you’re a local now. Be sure to stop by this gem hidden in the mountains again to experience the beauty, adventures, and entertainment in Logan, Utah.

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