"H2O Today" is organized by the Smithsonian Institution and brought to you by Utah Humanities.  "H2O Today" is part of Think Water Utah, a statewide collaboration and conversation on the critical topic of water presented by Utah Humanities and it's partners.

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H2O Today


H2O Today Collaborations at CacheARTS

"Like Water" Art Exhibit in The Artists' Gallery

Thursdays & Fridays 11:30-6 pm and Saturdays 12-5 pm

Now through October 30

"Water. It's flexible, tangible, and yielding.  It changes course or shape effortlessly and continues on its journey through adaptability.  It can be quiet and still, loud and raging, cold and hard, or warm and soothing.  It's reflective yet it can be a dark abyss into which light is absorbed.  It provides flexibility and resilience to the living things it nourishes, and through persistence it has shaped our landscape over time.  In this exhibit, our artists explore what it means to be Like Water.

"Water Works" Exhibit in the Thatcher-Young Mansion

Mondays - Saturdays 9am-9pm

Now through February 5

Did you know that water powers Central Milling and cools the Eccles Theatre when the canal runs in the summer?  Come learn about the importance of canal water to early settlers, and people today.

"Always Cool at the Capitol" Tour

October 22 at 6pm

Meet in the lobby of the Ellen Eccles Theatre to start a behind the scenes tour of the canal water-cooled theater.  Part of the tour will be a walk outside.  Participants should be steady on their feet. Topics will include the past, current, and potential future of cooling of the Ellen Eccles Theatre.



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